Buying the Upgrade Desktop version of Adobe Lightroom 6 for $79


Adobe pushes their subscription-based Creative Cloud to the extent that one might think they don’t even sell a standalone desktop version of Lightroom 6, never mind getting an lower upgrade price for this mythical beast. Well, I’m here to tell you that they still do sell a non-subscription stand alone version of Lightroom 6 and even offer a discounted upgrade price IF you know where to look. The upgrade price is $79 (vs $149) from any prior version of Lightroom!

Here are the steps:

  1. First navigate to their list of popular software. Lightroom is the second to last item. Click the Buy link.
  2. Additional details will appear. Click to the right of I want to buy and choose Upgrade.
  3. Choose the version you own.
  4. Click Add to cart and check out as usual.

Note that you will may have to enter the serial number for your old copy of Lightroom when you install Lightroom 6.

Who knows how long Adobe will offer a standalone version of Lightroom, I pessimistically think this may be the last. I’d love to get the Photoshop/Lightroom Creative Suite, but honestly, their $9.99 per month price tag is way to rich for a novice like myself. For a professional photographer, it’s a no brainer. My guess is that Adobe has to be hitting the wall as far as signing up the professional crowd and will need to think about some new pricing tiers to entice the hobbyists. For now, I’m happy to get the latest Lightroom and limp along with my CS2 version of Photoshop.



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