Super iPhone weather app

I gotta say that although I often used the Weather channel app to get my weather info, I’ve never really particularly liked it. It just seemed like it made me do too much work to get the basic info I wanted. The navigation always struck me as awkward and clumsy. Anyways, yesterday I discovered Fresh Air from¬†Backcountry Studios LLC. At a glance, it tells you the current temperature and forecast high and low, as well as the forecast for the next seven days. It also tells you the amount of precipitation at the moment, not for the day, what’s happening right now.

What really sets Fresh Air apart from other weather apps is the the scrolling graph. You get a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation and cloud cover! So it’s easy to see if maybe it’s dry now, but you better bring your umbrella cuz it’s gonna pour in a few hours.

All of this in on one screen. No need to switch to another screen to get additional information. The UI design is simple and uncluttered. Very beautiful.

Another cool feature is that Fresh Air can connect to your calendar and forecast the weather for the events you have scheduled! It can also send you a daily notification of today’s forecast.

The free version will allow you to add up to two locations. To add more, you’ll need to pony up $2.99, but that seems like a small price to pay for such a superb weather app.

I’ve only hit the highlights of this incredible app. I highly recommend you try Fresh Air yourself. I suspect you’ll fall in love as I did.

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