Saving Christmas cards you receive

I’m a bit old fashion and still exchange Christmas cards with many people. I always send a photo card with a short half-page story of what went on the past year with a few small pictures. I like receiving them and don’t have the heart to just toss them when the season is done. I usually pack them up in in a manila envelope thinking that I’ll get nostalgic someday and revisit.

I’ve gone through this ritual for 37 years and have never once gone back and looked at the cards. It occurred to me that I should archive them by scanning. Yes! What an idea! I moved a couple years ago and and only had three years worth of cards, so I figured that was a doable amount to try my idea. Read more

iSpyConnect : e-mail alerts without the paid subscription, Part Deux

I recently installed the open source iSpyConnect software for a surveillance camera and was put off to find that they wanted me to pay a subscription fee to get the version that emailed you when motion was detected. Kinda lame IMHO. I don’t mind paying for a “pro” version, but I really don’t like the subscription model for software (yes, I’m talking to you Adobe!).

Anyways, a quick Google search turned up this gem from a 2013 blog post. I don’t really know much about Windows PowerShell, but it’s similar to most scripting languages (DOS, VB, PERL, etc.), so it was fairly easy to do some minor tweaking to the original code to get it working on my system. After a few tests I got it going under Windows 8.1. It’s mostly the original code with a few modifications and updates. I have also found that for some unknown reason, this works more reliably if you call the Powershell script from a DOS batch file. There should be no difference, but this is my experience. Read more