Stone Oak Pkwy: Beauty or Stupidity??

This is a picture I took out my window yesterday morning of the center median outside my complex. Plants are nice and beautiful; however, when they obstruct the view of oncoming traffic, they are also stupid and hazardous. The problem is even worse because the hidden cars are coming over a hill, so even when you pull farther into their lane, you can’t see very far down the road. Plus, people drive pretty fast on this street. The posted speed limit is 45 mph, but I would guess the normal speed is 50-60.

There are actually THREE lanes coming down this street. The car in the picture is in the first lane. There is a middle lane and also a lane to the left of the solid-white line for cars turning into my complex or turning around! Oh yeah, there’s also a tract of homes right in front with cars coming at me, trying to turn left or right! Who the F*** thinks up this stuff!

Of course, I have pointed this bush issue out to The Stone Oak Property Owners Association who is in charge of the landscaping, but so far no action. I would say that if I ever get into an accident, I will claim negligence on their part since I have brought this to their attention on several occasions. Obviously, I pray it never comes to that.

Update 2013-05-16:
Would you believe they actually did something?! They trimmed the second row of bushes down on the end. It’s a much better view, but it would be better if that bush was totally removed…just saying ;-)

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