Over-the-top punk ragers…

Wow, I didn’t know my band was “over-the-top punk ragers”…hmmm spastic punk mess and sloppy maybe. HAHA!

14. Mind Games, “Sorry About That Chief!” (1981) 

One of the most over-the-top punk ragers, culled from the Staring Down the Barrel compilation and originally issued in an edition of only 100 copies, Mind Games are a spastic punk mess that pays homage to Get Smart in the sloppiest, most perfect, barf-pile of a song.


Keurig short cup? Give it a swift kick!

Ok I did the vinegar thing and my Keurig B40 would still give me a short cup. I was about it get a new one even though the current one is probably about a little over a year old and out of warranty. I saw video about taking it apart and blowing air through it, but then saw this one that said to “bang on the bottom…really go to town”. I figured it was worth a shot and surprisingly it worked!

Good luck!