AirPlay emulator for Windows!

Just installed shairport4w which is an AirTunes emulator for Windows. It basically allows you to wirelessly stream music to your PC from your iPod/iPad/iPhone/iTunes by making your Windows PC “look” like an AirPlay device.

So what I’m doing is kinda interesting. I’ve got a Subsonic server running on one PC that is streaming music to my iPad via the iSub app. The iSub app sends the music to another PC that is running shairport4w! Seems to work perfectly. Very cool!

I tried streaming to some speakers via Bluetooth, but what I don’t like about that method is that *all* audio goes to the BT speakers. So if the speakers aren’t on, you’ll hear nothing and just have to remember to turn off BT or disconnect the device. Using AirPlay you generally get to choose from the app what the target speaker device is.

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