Google Maps Bookmarking with Traffic and Zoom settings

Because of the construction going on around my place, I constantly have to check the traffic. I know I’m probably being lazy but I find it annoying to have to turn on Traffic and get the zoom right every time. I found this site that explains the URL parameters for Google Maps and using that and a basic Google search I was able to cobble together a basic URL I can use. Here’s an example:,+san+antonio,+tx&z=13&layer=t

The address part is obvious, the z parameter sets the amount of zoom. It is *very* sensitive so start with 12 or so and play around until you get what you need. The layer parameter t means show traffic. Anyways, this URL lets me quickly get to exactly the traffic map I need. Hope you find this useful. Have fun!

The best thing about the Kinect is…voice commands?

I finally got a Kinect. Up until now, I really didn’t feel compelled to get one. Waving your arms around to control the Xbox just seemed more fad than useful. However, a friend of mine showed me how you can control the Xbox using voice commands. THAT was it. I ordered one on my phone before he finished demoing it.

Sure, using gestures is pretty cool, but controlling, say, Netflix using just your voice is a dream come true. I just wish everything was voice controllable. It appears that you can only do it with certain things. For example, you can’t use the video player using voice commands. C’mon MS! Get with it! LOL!