The Best iPad 2 Case!

The AYL 5-in-1 Leather Case Folio is an awesome case for the iPad 2. It’s nearly identical to the Yoobao case I have for my first gen iPad. (I believe that AYL and Yoobao are one in the same company, but it’s only a guess.) The case doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk and clips to the sides so you don’t have issues when you need to interact with the screen right near the edges. The current version also has the magnet embedded so the iPad 2 turns on and off as you open and close the case, just like the Apple folio case.

The materials seem to be high quality and the various slots let you angle your case just how you like it. The iPad does slip out of the slots from time to time, but it’s a pretty elegant solution for such a slim case. For only $29 on Amazon, it’s a great buy!

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