Tire pressure sensor issue for 2008 Lexus RX350

The tire pressure monitor sensor (TPMS) light had been illuminated for a while on my 2008 Lexus RX350 even though all my tires, including spare, were at or higher than the recommended PSI. I scoured the web for a solution, but it took me a long time to sift through the many forum posts and actually find one.

There’s actually many things that can cause the problem. I’m posting the information below to help out the legions of other RX350 owners looking for a nice concise solution to this irritating problem.

1. Make sure the Main/2nd button, underneath the dash on the passenger side, is set to Main (this is the “out” position of this push button.) This can easily get accidentally pushed in by a passenger’s leg. If you are wondering what this switch does, it’s for people that have two sets of tires with pressure sensors on both sets. This might be for a set of snow tires, for example.

2. Inflate all tires to at least 33psi.

3. Make sure you inflate the spare tire too.


4. Make sure you have aluminum valve stem caps on all tires including the spare. Don’t use plastic or non-aluminum metal caps. Other metals can actually fuse to the stems over time! You can probably get them at the dealer, but I bought some on Amazon like these.

5. Press the TPMS reset button underneath the dash on the driver side. There are two buttons near each other and it’s the one on the left.

Well, I hope this information helps someone. The Main/2nd switch is what tripped me up and it wasn’t mentioned on most of the forum posts I read.

2016-01-06 – Added picture of the Main/2nd button.
2015-07-20 – Since the Main/2nd button is often the culprit, I moved that from #5 to #1 :-D
2015-10-12 – Amazon doesn’t carry the original caps I bought so I substituted the link and photo to some similar looking ones.


mike labinger

my dealer and tire shop use 30 lbs pressure in all the tires including spare. That is what is stamped on the inside of the door by Lexus. Tire sensor is still on despite all the button resets. Is 33 lbs absolutely necessary for reset??

Alabama John

Tried all buttons suggested and still blinked 67 times then went on solid.
Small piece of black tape placed over the sign on dash corrected it so I couldn’t see it. All tires at 40 pounds, including spare. cost $287.00 for new sensor from dealer so tape is better solution.


Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. Incidentally, I’ve also found that as soon as it gets cold the light goes on, but goes off when it warms up in the Spring…so check under your tape in a few months ;-)


I had tried all of the items here and light was still on. Figured one of the sensors had a battery go bad but read somewhere you could let most air out of the tires, air them back up and reset the sensors. I tried this and it worked. Light is now out, so be sure you try everything!

Bob Hnilo

Thanks, I tried resetting after inflating 4 tires to 33# with no luck.
I read the manual on how to remove the spare.
Sure enough, it had 25#.
I inflated to 35#.
I held the button through 3 blinks.
The light went out and never came back on.
Always check the spare.
Bob H.


Yup, but I just hate the spare’s location. I lost the cover ages ago after checking it LOL.


Add me to your list of the grateful. Took the RX350 in for oil change and tire check as tire pressure light was on. I was shocked when the shop told me that it was the tire sensor and that because of the car’ sage, they recommended replacing all four for $550! I declined and decided to look it up on the web. Your advise worked. It was the passenger side button for me too. Tire light is off. Awesome. Thanks!!


One button solution. Thnks much


Nailed it! Second button on the passenger side was the problem. Would not have known to check it without your posting. Thank you.


You are welcome. So glad I could help :-)


Well I’ll be dipped. It worked. Wouldnt reset..kept trying then I found button on pass. side pushed in, put it in outward position, held down reset button on driver side till is stopped flashing, took finger off, it flashed about ten more times and went out 08 RX350. Thanks!

Tiana La Capitana

I am going to try this. I am at the dealership now and they say I need to replace my sensors. I hope this helps! 2007 RX400


Good luck and report back if it does.

Kevin A

The Main/2nd Button was the culprit for me after having a new set of tires installed on our 2007 Lexus RX350. My guess is the technician pressed this button instead of the reset button on the driver’s side after installation. Thanks for the restoration of my sanity!

p.s. My wife thanks you as well!


Thank you very much. This helps a lot and I could reset the pressure light now.


I can not say enough thanks to you!! The 2nd button is the culprit. Once I press the 2nd button back to “out” position, the tire sensor light is gone for good.

I am wondering why all the places I bought my RX 400h to neglect to mention the 2nd button especially the 2 Lexus dealerships. Wow, your advice actually saved me over $600+ unnecessary repair cost…


Isn’t it the truth! The UNNECESSARY $582.00. I was pissed off.

d j Milnor

Thank you. Passenger side switch was bumped by Teenage Daughers friend in Front seat. Found it punched in istead of out.

Tim Stevens (@thehammer1965)

I called the Lexus dealer in Dallas for help. You can guess what they told me. Bring it in.
I found your web site and with in 5 minutes it was fixed. Thanks so much.

Cindy Mat

Thank you. I have spent a lot of time trying to get rid of this light. I was so worried it would cost me $1000 to take it to the dealer. I went to the tire shop and they told me at first it was the sensors and they were $150 each without labor, and then I went back to just get a front end allignment and they said they could not clear the light- take to dealer. You saved me alot of time and money!!! THANK YOU!!


Thank you very much I was able to get rid of the annoying warning light with
Your instructions which was very clear and easy to follow. Hats off to you


I’ve tried everything listed in this article and the f***ing light is still on! So tired of this thing


Thank You !!! I tried, and it worked.


I was aware of the spare tire being the problem in the past. This time however, the light would flash for about 1 minute and then stay on. I followed your advise about the button on the passenger side, it had been pushed in. As soon as I released it, problem solved. Thanks so much for sharing.

jim & Joy

THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!! That light was on for over a month. My wife had some body work done and could not
figure it out but gave me a clue when they said that one of the tires was at 26 lbs and it wasn’t one of the 4 on the ground.
I got on the web and the wifed went to the a tire dealer who checked and unnecessarily reinflated the 4 on the ground, never checking the spare. I found you on the web, but getting
at the spare wasn’t a walk in the park. I guess that the dealer
and the body shop did not want to go that far. ITS FIXED, AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Jim

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