Using custom CNAME with and Google Apps

If you use a custom domain with and Google Apps email, getting a custom URL like set up to access your email is confusing. It’s actually pretty simple to do and here are the steps:

  1. Log into Google Apps
  2. Scroll down to the Service Settings section and click on Email
  3. Under Web address, click Change URL
  4. Enter the CNAME in the box for the custom URL. Click Continue. (If you are new to this type of thing, in an URL like, “webmail” is a CNAME.
  5. Then, in WordPress settings choose Domains.
  6. In the Email/DNS column, click Edit DNS3.
  7. In the Custom DNS Records box, enter the record using the format: CNAME <subdomain> <URL>. An example would be “CNAME webmail GHS.GOOGLE.COM” (no quotes).
  8. Click Save DNS records

That should do it!

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