Apple iPad causes back problems

Have you seen the billboards where the iPad user is comfortably lounging on a couch or something, relaxingly using their Apple iPad? Well, maybe if they showed their face, they would be grimacing.

Let me explain. Since I started using my iPad more and more, I’ve noticed I’m starting to get acute back pains. I think this is mostly caused when I use it sitting in bed before I go to sleep. In some ways just as it is being used in the ads. You don’t get a lot of back support sitting in bed and I suppose my back is hunched over for too long a period. I’ve tried pillows and such, but it’s impossible to make it the functional equivalent of sitting in a chair.

I’ve tried using it laying flat with the iPad propped up on a small pillow on my chest. It’s a little awkward, but my back seems better. The device is pretty heavy and you don’t really notice it at first. You really can’t hold it comfortably very long in one hand. I’m guessing that the weight contributes to the problem.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I thing it is an amazing device and I will continue to use it. However, I am thinking seriously about getting the lighter Amazon Kindle for reading in bed (and outside use). It will be interesting to see if mainstream media starts jumping on Apple on this. Picking on Apple seems to be the thing to do these days. I did a Google search and got some hits on the topic. I’m going to coin the phrase now: “iPad Syndrome”!

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  • I get back problems too… from lying on my side in bed, the constant pressing on the screen actually puts pressure on the back – the wrong way – each time.

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