Think the iPhone 4 has issues? Try using the Nokia N97.

I find it very entertaining the back and forth going on between Apple and Nokia over the whole antenna problem. Honestly, people are making too much of it. The only people that should complain is anyone that wouldn’t use a case. Of course, you’d have to be pretty stupid to not use a case on a phone with a front and back made of **G L A S S**, but I digress.

I owned the “flagship” Nokia N97 for 8 torturous months. What a piece of sh*t it is. Forget dropped calls, there were times when I couldn’t even answer a call! Navigating through the ancient UI was a test of anyone’s patience. Push a button and you have to wait to see if it really recognized the touch. Despite having 32GB of memory, it has this tiny partition where required system and programs files needed to stored, so you’d run out of memory anyways! And the 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens??? Oh, using the flash caused the light to bleed into the picture–like some iPhone 4 cases–but there was nothing you could do. Well, you could mitigate it a little by marking the area surrounding the lens and flash with a Sharpie! (How would that go over, if that was Apple’s fix?!) You couldn’t even read the letters on the keyboard if the backlight was on. I could go on and on about the N97, but I’ll spare you. If anything needed to be recalled it was the N97…geez!

Before the N97, I had the N95 which was revolutionary in its day. Anyways, I find the iPhone 4 to be by far the best phone I’ve ever used. The damn thing just works.

If loving the iPhone (and iPad) makes me an Apple fanboy, then so be it. Note that I still use Windows for serious work and will never move to a Mac. I just think that Apple got the small form factor OS right.

If you don’t like the iPhone 4, take it back and get a refund. Actually, I think Apple should give all complainers an N97 and their money back!

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  • why didn’t I find this post two weeks ago, before I bought the n97 mini. Great blog. Concise and thoughtful. All of it worth reading !

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