iPhone 4 Verdict? Awesome.

Got my iPhone 4 via FedEx. The 1-1/2 hours pre-ordering online was worth it. So far the darn thing is awesome. I love it. Here are some notes on my experience:

  • Display is so sharp. Kindle app text looks like paper. I can *easily* read even using the smallest font!
  • The ability to work with my work Exchange email/contacts and personal email/contacts separately or combined is wonderful.
    • NOTE: To sync a Google Apps account, the domain must have  “Enable Google Sync” enabled in the domain’s Google Apps Mobile settings section.
    • There’s a weird issue when using Google Apps email. Due to some issue with the way Google sets things up, the iPhone’s autolock timesout immediately causing you to have to enter your passcode alot. According to this forum posting, Google is going to fix it soon.
  • Very heavy, so fear of dropping is high.
  • Confirmed the antenna problem when you hold in your left hand. The Body Glove shell case I bought seems to fix. No big deal.
  • Multitasking! Can finally run Pandora in background while doing other things!
  • I wish there was some way to immediately close an app rather than having to go to the Multitasking ribbon, select and then close an app. I’ve heard though that iOS4 hibernates some apps, so even though they are there, they aren’t really running. You can’t really tell by looking at it. Also, supposedly it will eventually close apps and won’t keep adding to the ribbon forever. BTW, apps are ordered based on last used.
  • Very little shutter lag with camera. Seems to take nice pictures, but I haven’t really tested it much.
  • Was able to add my long-time ST:TNG ringtone by following the instructions here. Not as easy as on the Nokia, which lets you just point at any sound file, but, hey, it works. A little disappointed you can’t change the text message alert tone in a similar manner. How dumb.
  • Call quality on my side is way better than any Nokia I’ve had including my N97
  • The iPhone email client is lame. It’s weird how you have to mark folders in the settings or you can’t see their contents.

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