Giving up on Nokia and going with iPhone 4

I have finally had it with Nokia and will be ordering an iPhone 4 on June 15th. Now, I love the openness of Symbian and hate the closeness of Apple. However, this (apparently) means I’m supposed to live with poorly designed hardware and software in my N97: terrible keyboard, flash bleeding, sluggish OS, memory issues, etc. After seeing what Apple is bringing with the iPhone 4, I have finally woken up. I honestly have little faith that the N8 will be everything I need it to be. There. I’ve said it.

The only reason I’ve truly been sticking with Nokia and Symbian is its ability to do WiFi tethering. However, now that AT&T has officially embraced tethering–albeit USB or bluetooth only–, that reason is less compelling. So now the only thing I’ll really miss when I get my iPhone 4 is the ability to tether my iPad to my phone. *BUT* I think that there is little reason for Apple not to approve a WiFi tethering app.

So long Nokia…it’s been nice knowing you. sniff sniff

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