Tablet form factor sux for input-intensive tasks

While I *love* my MotionComputing LE1700 slate-type tablet PC, I have come to the realization that it basically sux if you have to input a lot of text. It has basically two ways to input: 1) handwriting recognition; and 2) virtual keyboard. For browsing web pages, reading digital magazines, watching videos, and even composing short emails, tablets are fine. However,

The acid test is trying to carry on an IM conversation. I suppose if you could enter the ext perfectly, it might be ok. However, that is not realistic. Correcting input–even via keyboard–is part of the process and

I also have an iPod Touch 2nd gen and love it. So, the natural thought of a larger screened version really captures my imagination. However,

Although the LE1700 requires you to use a pen stylus, I don’t think it would be that much better if you could just touch the screen.

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