Map an FTP site to a drive letter

Mapping an FTP site to a drive letter is very handy. It saves you the lengthy process of saving a copy of the file somewhere, booting an FTP client, logging into a ftp site, navigating to the source file, navigating to the target folder, uploading the file, closing the client, and deleting the original file. Just save the file directly to the FTP-mapped drive and you’re done. Perfect for my blog post pics!

I’ve been using FTP Drive for a while, but iTunes doesn’t like it and spits out an annoying error every time I boot it. Netdrive is a newer product and it’s free for personal use! Documentation is sparce, but set up is not much different than any other FTP client. It supports passive mode, SSL, SFTP, etc. iTunes seems to like it so, so do I.

One trick I learned as that you can add a path to the end of the FTP URL, like and the folder will become the root of the mapped drive. Very nice!

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