Ordered me a big ass 26″ computer monitor!

After using my 22″ widescreen PC monitor at work for a couple weeks, the puny 12.1″ on my Motion LE1700 tablet was starting to look like my iPod Touch. Heck, even the 19″ on the family PC was lookin’ a bit small.

I was happy to find that LCD monitors were quite cheap these days and I honed in on the Samsung T240HD because it had lots of inputs including HDMI and VGA as well as a 1200 pixel vertical resolution (most are 1024-1080)

The cheapest I found it was for $309 and I was just about to place my order. Then, I noticed the T260HD on the Samsung site and just for giggles I looked to see how many arms and legs the extra two inches would cost me. Well low and behold, Amazon had the dang thing for $328.99 after $30 rebate that ends 6/30! Only twenty bucks more and Amazon was the seller, not some unknown Amazon partner store. Done.

Man, I remember the 21″ Sony CRT behemothI had which I believe was 1600 x 1200. This sucker is 1920 x 1200 and only weighs about 20 pounds. I’ll have to reorganize my desk a bit to make room for this puppy, but I’m dang excited.

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