Jensen JiSS-250i speaker dock works well with 2nd gen Touch

Just browsing through Target I stumbled upon the Jensen JiSS 250i iPod speaker dock. According to the box, it was compatible with the iPod Touch 2nd gen, so I read that to mean it would have no problem charging it–a surprising challenge for many speaker docks on the market currently. After my poor experience with the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere, I was a bit gun shy, but ended up getting it.

Anyways, I’m happy to report, it charges the 2nd gen Touch fine and the aux input also works perfectly–unlike with the Pure-Fi.

It has an interesting design in that it expands and allows you to rotate the Touch/iPhone for viewing in landscape mode. You can run it on 4 AAAs or just plug it in. Comes with a carrying pouch and several dock adapters. It’s quite portable and appears to be solidly built.

For $69.99, it’s abit pricey considering the mediocre sound quality and lack of remote control. Volume controls on the unit are not as responsive as I’d like. I also wish it didn’t slide as easily when expanding. It needs some type of locking mechanism.

Better units are bound to come out, but the 250i gets the job done for me right now.

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