Scosche adapter fixes iPod dock charging problem

In my “Demystifying the charging problems with the new Apple iPods and iPhone 3G” blog entry I explained the reason and origins of the charging problem seen with new iPods (iPhone 3G, 2nd gen Touch, and 4th gen Nano)  and speaker docks. I even mentioned the Scosche PassPORT as a possible solution, though that product is really made for an inline connection in cars.

Well Scosche has released the $39.99 passPORT Home Dock adapter which is basically the same thing built into a dock adapter. Essentially, you can plug this dealie into the dock of an iPod speaker and it will charge the new iPods.

Looks pretty nice, but it should be only a matter of time until speaker manufacturers get off their duffs and wire their speakers to support the 5V charging spec. Still, I guess if you already have a speaker you like AND it will accomodate the added height from the adapter, this would be a good deal.

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