Tempted by Sony Reader, but it’s just too damn expensive!

I’ve been trying to talk myself out of a Kindle or Sony Reader for a long time. I know it doesn’t make any sense for me, but they are just cool. Well, I was on my annual walk-down-every-aisle-of-Fry’s trip (my birthday is Weds) and I came across the Sony in THREE different locations. IS SOMEONE TRYING TO DRIVE ME INSANE???

Well, by the end of my journey I was weak and decided to give in and drop the $399 necessary for the PRS-700 Sony Reader. But then I saw the Acer and HP netbooks. Beautiful tiny amazing devices; full Windows XP computers for just $249-$299. Is the Reader really good enough to justify $100-$150 extra cost??? Clearly, the answer is No.

Well, I wasn’t ready to jump on the netbook bandwagon, so I left with just a few non-tech odds and ends only about $30 lighter…what a disappointment…

Well, I still think the readers are cool, but the biggest thing I really can’t get my arms around is that the Sony is a better device, but Amazon’s got the better bookstore. I just know its eventually going to be one of those love-hate purchases. So far I’m holding out.

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