Mousing lefty style

Ok, so using an upside-down mouse was kinda silly. My new solution is to learn to mouse with my left hand. A quick Google search shows that it has been done successfully and at least one said that they became amidexerous and could mouse with either hand. Seems like this is somewhat akin to being able to play a guitar right-handed and then flip it around and play left-handed, but I’m hoping it’s much easeir than that…yes, I’ve tried ;-P

I’ve spent about half the day using my mouse lefty-style. Accuracy is the biggest issue. I like to drag and drop and I’ve already moved things to the wrong place. H O W E V E R, even in this short time I seem to be getting marginally better at it. This should be an interesting experiment and one I think I can stick with, although another workable and perhaps easier solution is to use the trackpad mouse buttons on the laptop–I use a full USB keyboard plugged into my laptop. I just don’t like reaching over for it. I don’t think I’ll be doing much Photoshoping soon, but who knows. And before anyone asks, no, that is not my hand…HAHAHA

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  • Hello
    how is your tendinitis going since.
    I have the same problem for 5 years, I use the left hand for the mouse.

    • It has not gotten worse, but I find that when I have to do a lot of intense “mousing,” I have to use my left hand once in a while. I’m certain it will never go away. Fortunately, my computer work has been lighter in recent years which helps. Thanks for the reminder though, it’s been a while since I switched hands, so I think I’ll do that today! Gotta keep in practice :-)

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