Make gMail your default Windows email client

I don’t run into it alot, but everyonce in a while I’d like to click on an email link to send an email. You know, something like Well, unfortunately, I use gMail which is a web-based email client. Since you can’t set a web-based email service as the default Windows email client, Outlook will execute and the email will get sent from there. (My default Windows email client is Outlook, but I don’t use it very often. ) To circumvent this, I’ll cut and paste the email address into gMail.

Affixa has a nice little app that runs in your system tray that allows you to set your default Windows email client to a web-based email service like gMail. It even supports custom Google Docs domains.

If you enable the “I’m happy to let Affixa log into gMail for me” option and enter your mail login info, you should also enable the “Launch GMail after creating a draft message” option.  If you don’t, Affixa creates a draft email that you have to dig up and edit.

Now apparently the main purpose of Affixa and the reason for its name, I’m assuming, is a feature where you can accumulate files into a “basket” and email the basket of files in one operation. You can save and load baskets, if needed. Basically, its the shopping cart metaphor.

I suppose this could be handy under the right circumstances. Normally, if I were sending an email with a bunch of attachments, it can be a pain to set the email and then hunt down all the desired files. Using Affixa, I can accumulate the files beforehand and then email in a simple operation.

The best part is the free version is pretty useful and ad-free. Check it out.

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