D650 Motorola Bluetooth Adapter for iPOD Touch. $14!

I’m totally into doing things wirelessly if possible and I’ve been using the Plantronics Voyager 855 stereo Bluetooth headset with my N95. Since my 2nd gen Touch has no BT support, I started looking at the various add-ons. Well, I stumbled upon the D650 Motorola Bluetooth Adapter on Amazon for a paltry $13.99! I saw no reason it shouldn’t work with the Touch and decided to risk the dough.

Well the damn thing works perfectly! I love it!

It’s a little weird pairing it with the headset since the adapter has no controls at all, only a single blinking light. Basically, you put the headset into discovery mode and pause your iPod on a song. Then plug the adapter into your iPod and press play. The light blinks for a bit and voila, it connects! No battery either. It gets it’s power from the iPod.

The sound isn’t as good as wired headphones, but the 855 and D650 support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) so its not too bad. Being wireless more than make up for any shortcomings in the quality. They also support AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) so I can control volume, pause and play from the controls on the headset.

Note that Amazon has the same adapter listed with a price of $14.99. The only difference I can see, other than the $1 price diff, is that the model number is 89147 instead of 89147J. I bought the cheaper 89147J. The picture shows it plugged into an old Nano.

UPDATE 2009-08-28
I just got brave enuf to upgrade my 2nd gen iPod Touch to 3.0. The Bluetooth works well with my Plantronics 855 and no WiFi issues. Totally worth the $10. Now, no need for the D650.

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  • Hi,

    Not sure if this is still alive but just wondering if you could help me out with the said bluetooth adapter? I bought one recently on Amazon for my iPod Nano 5th gen. Did as instructed in the manual but can’t seem to make it work. Help.

  • Do you know of any bluetooth adapter that is compatible with the iPod touch 1st generation (iOS 3.1.3.) and would allow peer-to-peer sharing with other bluetooth users? Thanks for your help.

  • I’m a little Confused Does this adapter allow Yu to surf The web on your iPod anywhere ? And I have the iPod touch 4th generation so will it work for me ?

  • MY 3rd Gen Touch with built in bluetooth is horrible, it can’t connect to my wireless bluetooth enabled headphones. I’m going to buy this and give it a shot!

  • Good review. Just one question: have u guys ever tried with 1st gen ipod touch? coz, i checked in the motorola website and they say that is not compatible with Ipod Touch and Iphone (which it doesn’t make sense since you are using it ;)

  • I tried using D-650 adapter with my Jabra BT125 headset and it does not work.
    Please let me know if it works for anybody.


  • when will anyone know if skype will work with bluetooth on your ipod touch updated to 3.0

  • Ok so first does the mic work for 3.0
    and second does the h390 (motorola) work without the adapter I just want a headset that the mic works and the ear price (speaker) works
    I was looking At the plantronics explored 330 it had A2DP
    ps I have jailbreak 2g 3.0

    • The D650 works with my Plantronics 855, but haven’t tried anything that uses the mic. I’ll have to test.

    • Thanks when and if u test it just tell me how it goes

    • No workie. Tried it with a free voice recorder app. Kinda makes sense though. You have to play music to turn the adapter on. I did that and then switched to recorder app. It did not detect a mic.

  • I am into wirelessly too, I did follow your interaction and I got connected and my Bluetooth headset Moto S9 is working great. Thank You

  • Ok guys, my guess is that the adapter will work perfectly fine with ipod touch 2g when using almost any bt headset other the motorola s9, I’ve tríed a couple without any trouble.

  • @Tom and @Sean: I can tell you that it works on my 2nd gen Touch using a Plantronics 855 headset. Don’t know why it doesn’t work for you two.

  • I tried it on the Ipod Touch 2nd Gen with my S9 motorola headphones and it didn’t work. I’ve read it doesn’t work, so i’ll just have to wait for the bt activiation in the 3.0… :/

  • I have one of these for my older IPOD and it works great. I tried plugging it into my brand new IPOD Touch and it doesn’t work.

  • Does this work with apps on the iPod Touch (2nd gen) for making voip calls?

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