Turn FTP site into local drive with FTP Drive utility

I you analyze the URL for the pictures I use in my blog, you’d see that they are hosted at dougworld.com. I don’t use the WordPress storage because it’s just easier to upload and backup this way. Plus I have tons of extra storage there. Anyways, I used to save the image locally and then FTP it up to the site. Kinda tedious process.

Well, FTP Drive from Killprog.com lets you mount an FTP site as if it was a local drive. So all I do is save the image to what appears to be a local drive and it automatically gets uploaded to the FTP site. You can download them this way as well. Very cool. It seems to work ok, although I have noticed a glitch here and there, like it will report the file is already there and it wants to overwrite it. Still, in the end it seems to work so I’m not complaining for this FREE app.

I have another utility running, Second Copy, that monitors the FTP folder and automatically downloads any new files so I can keep an archived copy locally.

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