Save Firefox bookmarks to proper folder with Add Bookmark Here extension

Whenever I used to save bookmarks, I always had to first look at my bookmark hierarchy and figure out the best place to put the bookmark. Then, I could go ahead and save the bookmark. I stumbled onto this cool extension called Add Bookmark Here. It adds a menu item to the top of the normal Bookmarks menu or submenu that lets you add the current page to the folder being displayed in the Bookmarks menu. What a time saver!

While I’m on the subject of bookmarking, I’ve given up on Google bookmarks. I just never liked the lack of true support for hierarchy. Sure the extensions like Google Bookmark Button allow it, but it’s essentially a hack. The Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer extension is way better and you can bring your bookmarks up on the Internet if you need access to them remotely, like on your phone. Love it! Note that it’s even useful if you aren’t syncing bookmarks between multiple computers due to the Internet access. HIGHLY recommended.

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