Copy files over WiFi automatically on N95

I often use SymSMB from Telexy to connect my N95 to my PC and move files back and forth. It like my N95 was just a normal USB drive except no wires. Well, they just released SymSync and  basically what it does is automatically transfer files from/to your N95 (or other S60 device). It’s got a cool setting that only does it when its charging.

I like to process my podcast MP3s before I listen to them (I speed them up) so I can’t use the N95’s built-in Podcasting app, as cool as that is. With SymSync, my N95 automatically grabs all of the processed podcasts when I charge it at night. Unbelievably nifty app and its only $11!

Here’s the link:

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  • Thank you very much for the information about this very cool software. I like it! Works really nice on my E90.
    What about the another software from the same company – SymVPN? May be you can review it too? It seems like it is the only solution to use with VoIP in places where otherwise it would be blocked!
    There are reports on the Internet that VBuzzer can work together with SymVPN to manage VoIP call over Internet on Nokia’s phones.

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