Site renamed to…WTF? Already???

The more I thought about it, I wanted a name with more ZING (sorry mom and dad). I’ve always liked oxymorons and really wanted deeplyshallow, but the .com version was taken…NO MORE .NETs for me! I’m swearing off them unless they are my name or something, but I digress.

Anyways, I played around with some various words to come up with my own oxymoron. I’m very “unserious” so I and started looking up antonyms for “serious” and saw “trivial”. Now that sounded like a fun word. I often say, “it’s not a trival task.” The phrase “seriously trivial” just seemed to roll off my tongue and low-and-behold a hotpointdomains search (of course) told me that was available. Must be fate…or maybe desperation…or maybe my domain hording affliction…or something. A google search on the phrase brings up 434 hits, so it’s not something I just made up. Someone actually uses this term…hehehe


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