My 2009 Predictions

First, how did I do with my 2008 predictions?

My 2008 Predictions
1. Housing will not recover in 2008. Right on
2. Gasoline will be $4/gallon and stay there. 1/2 right
3. Oil will stay over $100 barrel for most of the year. Check, altho I dived late.
4. The market will take a huge hit, but bounce back by year end. 1/2. It didn’t really come “back”
5. Republicans will somehow hang onto White House. 0
6. Lakers will make it the conference finals. Geez! Yes! Finals even.
7. Foreclosures will be at record levels. Yup
8. Apple will release a cool tablet which will basically be an iPod Touch with a larger screen. Nope. Still hoping though.
9. My daughter will achive a 3.5 report card…gawd I hope. Unfortunately opposite is occuring.
10. I will buy a new TV. Check. Old rear-screen died.
11. The Fed will raise interest rates. Dead wrong.
12. Neither Blueray nor HD DVD will gain traction. I’ll take this. Blueray isn’t catching on.
13. Supply of the Wii will exceed demand.  Nope, I think they are still relatively hard to get.
14. Steve Jobs will make some deal regarding stock option backdating and avoid having to leave Apple. Maybe, but we’ll never know.
15. Facebook will fade.  nope.

7 out of 15. Nearly 500 ball, but not very good.

2009 Predictions

1. Lakers will win the NBA championship
2. The Celtics won’t make it to the finals.
3. My daughter will achieve a B average.
4. High foreclosure rate will continue
5. The median price of homes will continue to decline albeit at a slower pace
6. We will officially enter a recession
7. Prez Obama will claim he didn’t know how bad it really was
8. Apple will become “mortal”
9. I will get a new phone
10. West Los Angeles home prices will finally succumb to significant price declines.
11. I will gain a new hobby
12. I will maintain my weight loss

Simplifying…Adventures in moving from Community Server

Well, I think I’ve been able to reasonably migrate from Community Server (CS) to WordPress. I lost some comments and forums, but I’ll try to archive so they are safe in some form. Since WordPress doesn’t have an automated way to move a CS blog, I basically converted the CS blog posts to a LiveJournal format export file and imported that into WordPress.

To do this I first set CS so that the RSS feed would show all my posts and not limit the number. Then I looked at what LiveJournal exported and figured out the basic XML tags I needed to populate. Then, I just wrote an ASP page that read the CS RSS feed and outputted the needed Live Journal data. Basically something like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=’utf-8′?>
<subject>My subject line</subject>
<event><p>blah blah blah</p>

I had to parse the date together and I’m not really sure if both are needed. CS also had  some extra garbage at the end of each post, but I was able to use a regexp and a text editor to select and delete that. I copied all the linked images to a new server and replaced the URL prefix. Note that I didn’t figure out how to migrate the comments, but since I had few that was ok.

I’m sure there’s a better way, but this was fairly easy and how I did it.

Shutting down my (paid) web presence…maybe

For the first time in my techlife, I’m seriously considering shutting down my webserver. It just seems like an awful lot of money to spend on something that few people access…well other than myself. was fun, but with the departure of Pownce and the decline of Jaiku, it seems unnecessary. My personal page, which I run using the Community Server engine, is underutilized and WordPress should fulfill my meager needs. I’ll prolly host my small collection of utilities on my home server for now.

Well this is only in my head right now. I’ll let it marinate for a while.

iPod Touch blue screens when disconnected during standby

It took me a while to figure out what was causing it, but I finally figured out that if I disconnected my iPod Touch while my PC was in standby mode, I would get the blue screen of death. I'm running Windows Vista and don't know if it would happen with other versions of Windows. Frankly, I don't want to explore the theory. The solution, obviously, is to only disconnect the Touch when the PC is either running or off. Never had this issue with any other USB device. Nice, Apple.