Mouse Gestures for Google Chrome with StrokeIt

The one thing I REALLY miss with Google Chrome is the lack of mouse gesture support. StrokeIt appears to solve the problem. Basically, StrokeIt adds mouse gestures for any Windows application.�

First I had to delete the default Global Actions for Up and Down. Then I added new actions and associated them with the proper keystrokes. The steps are as follows:

1. Right-click Global Actions and select New Action
2. �Right-click the New Action entry that is added and Rename it. Note that the gesture text shown to the right of the name�(e.g., [Up])�has to be manually typed in.
3. �Select the mouse gesture in the pop-up menu located in the lower-right corner. Then, click Add Gesture.
4. �Right-click then entry again and select New Command. Choose Keys – Send Keystrokes from the pop-up menu.
5. Type in the keystroke you would like to associate with the mouse gesture. Note that page up is [PRIOR] and page down is [NEXT].�

That’s it!

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