DriveGLEAM is a cool system monitoring tool

I connect remotely to my PC and often wished I could see my disk activity. I did a little searching and stumbled upon DriveGLEAM. Among many things it will indicate read/write activity for your hard drives in the system tray. I also enabled the memory usage indicator.

By default it shows separate icons for monitornig activity. There is a single icon mode, but it only shows disk activity. It would be nice if it overlayed the memory use too.

It’s a very small and cool app. Highly recommended!

If you are a hardcode DIYer it also supports output via the parallel port so you could hook up blinking LED lights.

* Monitor physical disks or partitions (or both)
* Allows for CPU, RAM , VRAM usage display in tray.
* Read / Write / ReadWrite and Idle status indicators
* Indicators in tray or the parallel port, output directly to LED’s, Just place some LED’s on top of your monitor and enjoy real monitoring of read/write status realtime ;) (no special hardware required)
* Keyboard scroll lock LED option.
* Uses very few resources (including cpu usage)
* Very stable.
* Does not “hook” into your system
* Standalone, does not require a install but uses inno setup for your convenience.
* Failure in DriveGLEAM can’t “freeze” your drives.
* Configurable start with OS delay
* Configurable poll rate
* Does not install lots of files in your system.

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