Nice emailed reminder application

I've never liked Outlook's Tasks feature, so I often email myself reminders to do something. My email is the one thing I check all the time. (Of course, for events tied to a specific day/time, like birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, etc. I still input those in my Outlook calendar)

Anyways, I wanted to remind myself to cancel a subscription next month. I searched the web and found a couple free web-based services. I really hate relying on free web services so I thought about writing a PC app myself. However, I decided to first search for any small utlity apps that might do the job and save me the time. Most reminder apps I found were either bloated with features I didn't need or only had pop-up reminders and didn't send emails. I eventually stumbled upton Remind-Me (

Remind-Me seems to be built to do exactly what I needed: send me an email at a specific date/time. For only $20, it's worth it. Seems to work fine although it adds yet another icon to my growing collection in my system tray ;-)

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