Zaba Grace, Marla Sokoloff and Debra Arlyn (CD Baby is cool!)

Got this unexpected email from suggesting Zaba Grace and Marla Sokolof. A long while ago I bought a bunch of CDs from them. They offer a lot of indie artists. Anyways, they got a couple cool new features, one is streaming previews and the other is unDRM'd MP3s. So I can check the songs out and get them immediately w/o copy protection! Sugoi! Nice.

I'm also going to start blogging the new music I discover starting…uh…now… means I like it a lot

  • Zaba Grace, My Own Skin – Edgy pop. A little like Nina Gordon. Rock guitar rhythms.
  • Marla Sokoloff, Grateful – Rock (teen?) pop. Avril-esq. but a little softer.
  • Debra Arlyn, Complicated Mess and Thinking Out Loud – Colbie Callait-esq.

and catching up (by scanning what's on my N800 :-) I'll try to stick with lesser know artists…


  • All Time Low – High energy rock with good melodies. Fallout Boy.
  • Boys Like Girls – High energy rock with good melodies.
  • Forever the Sickest Kids – High energy rock with good melodies
  • Hawk Nelson – High energy Christian rock. (Yup, that's what I said.) Just discovered these guys.
  • McFly – Melodic high-energy rock. They were the band in Linsay Lohan's movie Just My Luck.
  • Metro Station – Catchy tunes
  • Motion City Soundtrack, Even if it Kills Me – High energy rock with good melodies
  • Plain White T's – I hate their name for some unknown reason. Guess it sounds like a rap group to me.
  • The Click Five – “Jenny” is one of my all-time favorite songs.
  • The Pink Spiders, Teenage Graffitti – High energy rock
  • We The Kings – Awesome album.


  • Alexz Johnson – Songs from the TV show Instant Star. Pop rock fluff, but I like it.
  • Annie, Anniemal – Quirky pop
  • Chantal Kreviazuk, “This Year” – I love this song. From the Serendipity soundtrack CD, but I can't remember hearing it in the actual movie.
  • Clea -Dance pop
  • Emma Roberts -Teen pop
  • Joanna – Teen pop
  • Kaci – Teen pop
  • Karmina – Pop duo
  • Kate Nash – Quirky pop
  • Kate Ryan
  • Katelyn Tarver – Teen pop
  • Katie Armiger
  • Kristy Frank – Teen pop
  • Kyler, A Flower Grows in Stone – Strong voice
  • L.A.X. Gurlz, “Forget You” – Catchy pop dance song. Not sure they ever released a full album
  • Lene Marlin, Playing My Game – Reminds me of Donna Lewis
  • Leona Lewis, Best Kept Secret –  R&B
  • M2M, Shades of Purple – One of my all-time favorite teen pop albums
  • Marie Digby, Unfold – Michelle Branch-esq
  • Marie Serneholt – From the group A-Teens
  • Mikaila – Teen pop
  • Milky, “Be My World” and “Just the Way You Are” – Dance. The only two songs I could ever track down. Ordered an album from Poland months ago, but it must be coming by foot.
  • Peter Bjorn and John, “Young Folks” – You've prolly heard this on some movie or TV show, but, like me, have no idea who it is…
  • Rachel Stevens – Teen pop. Member of the S Club band
  • Shaye, The Bridge – A Canadian pop group, consisting of singer-songwriters Kim Stockwood, Damhnait Doyle and previously Tara MacLean.
  • Sofia Loell, Right Up Your Face
  • Sowelu, Sweet Bridge – This is a Japanese CD. Awesome pop stuff. Could have been hits in the states with any airplay…
  • Tammin, Whatever Will Be – Australian pop singer
  • The Pipettes, We Are The Pipettes – Hard to describe them. If Banarama was from the 60's maybe. B52's perhaps.
  • The Ting Tings – Already BIG in England. I predict they will eventually be big here in US. Minimal instrumentation. Lots of drums…the drums…the drums.

Country (guilty pleasure :-):

  • Julianne Hough – uh…ok she's hot…
  • Meredith Edwards, Reach

Grrl Rock:

  • Aly & AJ, Into the Rush – Girl group rock. Hilary Duff-ish
  • Automatic Loveletter – Only an EP for now, but this is great! Edgy rock and the singer kicks a$$
  • Bree Sharp, More B.S. – Love this girl's voice
  • Cheyenne Kimball – Strong album. Reminds me of Michelle Branch
  • Cori Yarckin, Ringing in my Head -Cori just plain rocks.
  • Diana Anaid – Good indie rock
  • Diana Gone Wrong – Awesome punk rock. Singer formed another group called the Lionhearts but no CD yet I think
  • Fireflight – Kinda Evanescence-ish. Kick a$$ girl singer
  • Flyleaf – Evanescence-ish. Hard core punk rock
  • Katy Perry – Solid album. “I kissed a girl” is getting some airplay now…finally.
  • Kerli, Love is Dead – Kinda reminds me of Sarah McLachlan or Dido maybe
  • Kim-lian, Balance – This album just rocks. Too bad she decided to get serious. Her follow-up wasn't so hot
  • Lisa Miskovsky, “Driving One of Your Cars” – Had a hard time finding this one. Great tune.
  • Marion Raven, Set Me Free – One of the M's from M2M. Harder edged than the duo stuff.
  • Meg & Dia, Something Real – Some catchy tunes here
  • Megan McCauley, Better Than Blood – Powerpop punk
  • Nina Gordon, Tonight and the Rest of my Life – Formerly with Veruca Salt. Awesome album
  • Paramore, Riot! – Solid album. 
  • Sara Nunes, How to Rule the World in 12 EZ Lessons – Kick ass rock and roll with good melodies. Funny song titles and lyrics, like “Dumb ” and “Britney's Still a Virgin”
  • The Donnas – Straight a$$ hard core rock and roll. Kiss-esq
  • The Veronicas, The Secret of Life – Love this band 4Ever. Pop-rock at its best.
  • Trish Murphy – Got turned onto Trish when I lived in San Antonio. Country rock maybe, but more rock than country.

Well, good thing I've only got a 16GB card in my N800 or I'd still be going. Don't worry, I won't go into my hard drive…

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