Interesting inside info on telemarketers…

I friend of my daughter's works at her Dad's telemarketing company selling newspaper subscriptions. I learned some very interesting things about how they operate:

  • When the computer dials, it waits until you say something. At that point, a light goes on and they hear a tone. They often aren't paying attention and that's why there is often a pause between the time you say “hello” and when they start their pitch.
  • They will usually say anything within reason to get you to buy, like “we can get it to you in just 2 to 3 days.” In reality, they have no idea when the delivery will start.
  • They have NO WAY to hang up. They have to stay on the line as long as you do. Obviously, it pisses them off if they know you aren't going to buy anything.
  • They can mute you so you cannot hear them, but they can still hear you.
  • They will try to fake you out and tell you they are hanging up so they can move to the next call. They are really hoping you hang up since they can't. They may mute you to make you think they have hung up.
  • If you get 4 sales in a 1000 calls, that's considered good!
  • Answering machines screw them up. Basically, their computers treat it as if a real person answered. If they get one, they have to call for assistance.
  • Some people pretend to be answering machines just to see what the telemarketers say.

Fascinating stuff…

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