Turn your N95 into a WiFi Hotspot with JoikuSpot Light

Just installed JoikuSpot Light on my N95. Basically, it allows you to share your N95’s internet connection with other devices using WiFi. I tested with my N800 and was surprised how fast the connection was even though my N95 was connected to the Internet over Edge. It felt much faster and more reliable than tethering over Bluetooth. With Bluetooth my connection was often flakey. The WiFi connection held steady.

The current version is free, but a premium version is due out soon. I had no problem connecting to regular websites, but couldn’t connect to my gmail account or use the N800 Rhapsody client. I suspect that it’s a limitation with the free version. Can’t wait to try the premium version assuming it’s not too expensive.

128-bit WEP encryption is supported, but not WPA. That’s probably ok assuming you use this as a mobile hotspot and don’t leave it on in one place all the time.

This is a must-have app for any Nokia S60 phone owner.

UPDATE: Trying it at home, I was able to connect to gmail. This time I was using my TabletPC.

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