I HATE calling tech support.

Spent on hour on the phone with Time Warner regarding a new modem that they sent me. A letter that came with the unit says “Your new modem will be activated automatically Friday, May 2, 2008.” I read that to mean that my modem's MAC address has been set up in their system. The tech person had me do the regular unplug, replug, shutdown, reboot, bypass the router, etc. etc. Oh yeah, I tried telling her that the IP address that was being assigned was and that probably meant my modem wasn't authorized. Oh we STILL need to do all the steps and she assured me that the modem was set up.

After an hour of this BS she tells me she needs to connect me with the local people because they are the ones that do the modem provisioning!!! Yeah, the modem isn't set up yet!!! What a bunch of friggin idiots. I'm even stupider for doing what she asked me to do.

I'm not blaming TWC in particular because I think that most tech support is manned (mostly) by drones who have to follow a checklist. I'm just venting…

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