Playing an album in track order using Orb

Orb is a very cool way to remotely listen to your mp3s saved on your home computer. (It also does video and photos.) Basically, you install the software from on your home PC and point it to the folder with the media. Then on a remote PC, like at work, you log onto and you’ll have access to all of your media. It’s pretty easy.

Anyways, currently Orb has a little quirk where, generally, it won’t play the songs on an album in track order. I’ve discovered, however, that it will play them in the correct order if you follow the following steps:

1. Search for any song or songs on the album.

2. Hover your mousepointer over one of the songs.

3. When the full dialog box appears (it can take a sec or two), click on the album name as shown below.

4. Eventaully, all of the tracks for the album will be listed on the page. Click on the green/white Play button on the top toolbar.

5. The album will now play in track order! Woo hoo!

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