Solved volume issues with poorly produced podcasts

There is a certain financial podcast I listen to with very poor production values. Some parts are too loud, some too soft. It's difficult to listen to in a relatively quiet office environment using speakers. I pointed them to Levelator, a free level fixer, but so far, they obviously are not using it. Then it dawned on me that I could probably find a media player that had a built-in real-time compression (aka normalizing, leveling, etc.) feature that would soften loud parts and make soft parts louder. I found a decent enough plug-in for Winamp called RockStead that works with the ancient version (2.81) that I still use. There are others, but this seems to work fine.

Why do scrollbars move in the opposite direction of the page movement?

Since getting my tablet PC, I've been using a couple Firefox plug-ins that let me drag the page (Grab and Drag) or quickly page up/down (All-in-One gestures). Grag and Drag lets you drag a page with your mouse much like Adobe Acrobat does.

What I quickly realized is that when you drag a page, your mouse motion is the opposite direction compared to using the scrollbar. That is, dragging a page up is like dragging the scrollbar DOWN. I suppose that the scrollbar is essentially positioning a viewing “window” on the page; move the window down and contents move up. When you drag the page, you are more or less dragging the contents, not the window.

Now my dilemma: Right now, I have All-in-One gestures set so it is more akin to dragging the page, so if I right-drag up, it does a page up; right-drag down, and i get a page down. Typically, I think you would have this mimicking operating the scrollbar so dragging down would actually trigger a page up.

The reason I did this was that with my tablet, there is no physical right mouse button. It imitates a right-click, if you hold the pen stationary in one spot for a moment. When I had things set up reverse of what I have now, that is, right-dragging up did a page down, here's what would happen. I would be dragging a page with a left mouse drag, so move up and the page moved up. HOWEVER, if I accidentally held the pen too long in one place, it would switch to a right-drag. Well, a right-drag up caused a page down to occur and the page moved down!

The only point of confusion now–for me at least–is that it's the opposite motion of the mouse scrollwheel. Oh well I guess my brain will get used to this.