Awesome leather case for N800

Got this for $18.69 + 6.30 SH&H on eBay from AstorStore. I’ve tried the original lame case that comes with the N800, a modded PSP clear case, and a portable 2.5″ HD Case Logic case, and I’ve never been truly satisfied. They either didn’t provide enough protection or where just too bulky and inefficient. I though I’d take one more chance with one I found on eBay and it looks like my patience paid off.

The N800 fits snugly, but slides easily in and out. The latch is magnetic and fairly strong, but I don’t think I’d truly trust this set up on my belt. The N800 is fairly heavy and it wouldn’t take much for it to pop out of this case and onto the ground. Still, the front and back panels are fairly rigid and I’m pretty confident the screen is reasonably protected. I’m guessing it’s just thick cardboard inside and not rigid plastic and definitely not metal. Mainly I’ll be using it when I carry the N800 in my briefcase, so it should be fine.

It came from China, so I was a little skeptical on the build quality based on previous experiences. However, it seems very well constructed and I’m extremely happy. We’ll see how well it holds up over time, but it looks well made.

The brand is PDAir and there is a website at This case is being sold for $28 there. They sell a similar one for the N810 for the same price. Below are some pictures I took myself.

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