Vista Aeroglass IMPROVES video performance

Yup, you read that right. For some unexplainable reason, turning ON Vista Aeroglass improved video performance on my Motion Computing LE1700!

I was having issues playing back full-screen video. It would play fine at 100-200% size, but go full-screen and I'd get only a few frames per second. I determined I only had a problem using
SXGA+ (1400 X 1050). If I went down to XGA 1280 X 1024, full-screen
video played back fairly smoothly. HOWEVER, I also noticed that with
XGA, I all of a sudden got the Vista Aeroglass effect (transparent window borders). For some unknown reason,
it would automatically turn off Aeroglass with SXGA+ and back on again with lower
resolutions. Weird…but it gets weirder. I manually turned on
Aeroglass and, voila, full-screen video plays back smoothly at SXGA+!

I'm also finding that any graphical performance is significantly improved, like web pages with lots of images, album art in my media player, etc. The images display faster and I can scroll the page much smoother.

I've never read that turning ON Aeroglass improves performance, but in this case, that is exactly what happens.

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