Streaming videos to Xbox 360 and N800 using TVersity!

Finally got to reading my March 2008 issue of Maximum PC and came across this article on TVersity which was supposed to allow me to stream DivX and XVid videos from my PC to my Xbox 360. Well, it couldn’t have been easier. I just installed the app, the Xbox saw the share and I was watching the videos! Wow! I didn’t even do any of the codec installation procedures. It’s donation ware and I’ll prolly toss them a few bones.

It runs as a server service, kind of like Orb, and doesn’t seem to use much in the way of CPU resources. An unexpected benefit is that it appeared as a share on my N800 without doing anything! Based on the options it looks like it also supports many other devices like the iPhone and PSP, but I can’t test. I wonder if the N95 would work…

Not quite as nice as running XBMC on the original Xbox so I guess I’ll continue to keep that around, but I could see it getting used less and less. Check it out peeps!

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