Golf ball finder

This just seems too good to be true, at least if you are a golfer.

From the website:

What is the Ballfinder SCOUT ?
Ballfinder Scout� is a new innovative electronic device developed to
locate lost golf balls.� Developed by world-famous scientists at
Sarnoff Corporation, the Ballfinder Scout� uses
a Proprietary digital imaging system to locate��� golf-balls.�

It works with any standard� ball The 3.2
megapixel imager locates golf balls within
seconds at 35 feet when only 3 dimples
are visible. Leading you to your golf ball

The location is displayed on an LCD display
screena vibro-buzz confirms successful
ball location and LED lights� point the direction
to the lost balls location on the golf course !�

What The Ballfinder Scout will Do For Golf ?

The Ballfinder Scout� will
revolutionise the way you play golf by speeding up play so you spend
more time making shots and less time hunting for lost balls.�

The fewer balls you lose, the more
money you’ll save.� But most importantly, you can avoid the frustration
of stopping a round to search for a lost ball. Speed up pace of play
and reduce the cost of replacing lost expensive brand name golf balls..
Get the First EVER Golf ball finder technology in your golf bag!

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