Additional Tablet PC costs adding up!

 Well, I've been trying to hold back buying additional things for my new LE 1700 Tablet PC, but so far I've racked up the following:

Two new pens – $72. The device basically won't work w/o the pen so just in case I figured I needed a back up. Motion Computing prices them so that a 2nd one is not much more than just one so I got 2.

Bluetooth keyboard $32. This was a must have if this was gonna be my main PC.

4Gb ram – $108. Vista is a memory hog and 2GB seems to be the recommended minimum. It was only $50 more for a full 4 Gigs so… I'm hoping this fixes the full screen video playback sluggishness.

New router – $130. Vista would not connect to my old router.

Total = $342

Oh well. guess I could argue that The router really wasn't just for the LE 1700. Still, I got such a good deal on the unit itself, I shouldn't complain.

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