Can’t dump my N95 for an iPhone

I just love the Safari browser on the iPhone, but I just can't dump my N95. Here are my main reasons:

  1. The N95 has a 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss Optics.
  2. I can teather a PC to the N95 and use it as a modem over Bluetooth. Can't do that with the iPhone.
  3. I can swap the AT&T SIM card to other phones, but can't with iPhone SIM
  4. The N95 can play XVid and Divx videos
  5. The N95 has a cool Podcast app that let's you download podcasts automatically over WiFi. You have to use iTunes and a computer with the iPhone.
  6. The iPhone doesn't handle subscription music services

On the other hand, the iPhone has a great browser. Still, the new Opera browser may equalize things a bit on the N95, but at the same time the iPhone has a much nicer screen. I've considered the iPod Touch, but since that lacks Bluetooth, you are dead if you aren't near WiFi.


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