Panasonic makes one cool phone for home

Just got this Panasonic KX-TG5776 phone for home and it just rocks. It’s one of those phone systems where only the base is actually plugged into the phone line and the other phones connect to the base. The main benefit is that you can have a phone anywhere there is a electrical outlet–you don’t need a phone jack.

This is a 5.8GHz phone so it’s less susceptible to interference compared to th 2.4GHz variety. No a big deal really. The feature that really made me get this particular model was the “Talking Caller ID.” The phone announces the CID info audibly. Now, I’ve been doing this for years with my home automation software. However, the problem has always been you can only hear it in the back room. Now, I can hear it in any room there is a phone.

The other outstanding feature is USB PC connectivity. You connect this to a PC via standard USB cable–no proprietary connector–and you can transfer, edit, etc. your phone numbers, display pictures and sounds from your PC!

The display is color so you can put your own pictures in the background. I took pictures of the various rooms the phones will be in, so you can tell which phone you have. The phones can also be named.

Each phone can have it’s own list of numbers in its directory BUT, you can send numbers to other phones! So I just set up the directory using the PC connection and transferred the numbers to all the phones! So freakin’ easy. Sweeeeeet!

Tip: Get the KX-TG5777 model. It bundles two KX-TG5776 (color display) handsets with the base. Then you just add KX-TGA571 handsets, up to 8 max.

Way to go Panasonic!�

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