Upgrading US Nokia N95 to v20 firmware, Part II, No Protected WMA

Well, looks like I screwed myself a little by pretending to be european and upgrading my N95's firmware.  It seems that Rhapsody subscription music will no longer play on the N95 due to licensing problems. Bummer. Well, I'll just have to live with MP3s until the American firmware upgrade becomes available. There is no way to downgrade.

Still, I really enjoy the additional ram and new podcast features. There is a big bug in the music player tho. Sometimes when you delete a song/podcast, the database gets confused and will continue to show it even after doing a refresh. The solution is to delete the db and cache which I found here. Basically, you just connect your N95 in USB drive mode and then from your PC delete the files (not the directories) in private101FFC31, private101f8857Cache and private101ffca9. After that do a refresh and all will be well.

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