“You have to type HTTP:// to get to the ‘other’ Internet…”

It's a love/hate deal whenever I take a technology class to keep up with my CPA continuing education. Yesterday, I took a “researching questions on the Internet” class. When typing in an URL like blog.mydomainname.com, she says that you have to type “HTTP://” first to get to the “Other Internet”. HAHAHA! What's worse is that many of the people there will think this is right.

Another gem was that a big difference between Google and MSN search was that MSN didn't use a database and actually went out to the web and did a real-time search, while Google used what-can-be a stale database. That's why MSN takes a little longer. HAHAHA!

And she was making fun of Prez Bush calling Google “The Google”.  

Of course, it would be hard to top one of my all-time favorites: “802.11g is 100 times faster than 802.11b.” That was at a CPA technology conference!

There is always a class review sheet handed out, but I've so far resisted nailing their a$$es. I figure I know the difference and it probably doesn't really matter to most folks and I usually get something out of the 8 hours. Plus, these “instructors” are giving up a lot of their time and energy to do these things. I'm pretty sure it doesn't pay real well. I think they mostly do it for PR. I “try” to chalk it up as entertainment.

Their are some real wanna-bes in the CPA world holding themselves out as technology experts and I know who you are…HAHAHA


Pownce support added to TwitKu.com

Support for public Pownce notes has been added to TwitKu.com, the popular free social network mashup. Now you can monitor Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce feeds all in once place!

Pownce is still working on implementing an authentication scheme for their API, so notes send to only friends (i.e., non-public notes) are not included in the feed. Moreover, authentication is also required to post notes, so that will be a future TwitKu feature as well.