Bluetooth Issues with Remote Desktop Solved!

I do most of my computing by accessing my main computer remotely using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) function built into XP. I also recently got a Nokia N95 phone which has a super cool desktop app that lets you quickly sync Outlook, transfer files, etc. Well, for whatever reason, when I connect and disconnect using RDP, the Bluetooth (BT) connection fails causing me to have stop and start the BT device and then toggle off and on the BT setting on the Nokia app.

I really did not understand why this would happen since the BT dongle is on the main machine. Just like apps keep running when you disconnect the remote client, you'd expect the BT dongle to keep running. The only thing I can think of is that BT is somehow connecting something to the remote client. Thus when you disconnect that BT connection also gets disconnected. I turned off every setting and still got the same results. After my third BT dongle and literally days of wasted time, I was about to give up. I found one reference on a web search where someone else had a similar problem, but no real answer.

Now, for the most part, I've also felt that the XP SP2 BT drivers were crap and that you should always use the 3rd party drivers. Well, a thought came to me yesterday. Might the XP BT drivers be more RDP friendly and maybe work on a “lower level” than 3rd party stuff? Well, two of my 3 dongles would only install with their custom drivers, but my IOGear one seemed to kinda install with XP drivers although it gave an error at the end.

So far it seems to work like a champ. I just hold this bit of luck continues.

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