Installed an aux adapter to my car stereo

I wasn't looking forward to it, but the FM transmitter just wasn't cutting it. The DLO transmitter is great, but the lack of an open station here in LA makes it problematic since it has to talk over a broadcasting station. Ripping my dash open was worrisome and I was praying that I didn't break any plastic parts or connections. The friggin instructions I found on the net were about 90% of the info I needed, but neglected to give me enough details, like WHERE the release triggers were on the various connectors I had to disengage. It's not very obvious IMHO. Anyways, after 4 hours of blood, sweat and tears I got the damn thing hooked up and everything seems to be operating. Hooray!

It's pretty cool.'s unit basically connects to the satellite connector on the back of the existing stereo and then you can control it by selecting either of the two Sat inputs. Looking forward to tomorrow's drive :-)

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