Sony Ericsson W810i not a bad podcast player

Commenting on my recent review of the Creative Zen Wav, one of my virtual friends said she preferred the Nokia N95 as a podcast player. This got me to thinking. What about my Sony Ericsson W810i? I mean, it IS a Walkman phone after all and I’ve got a 4GB stick in it. Well I transferred over a podcast and guess what? It’s not that bad. In fact, it’s pretty good. No bookmarking like my Creative media players, but it does remember where I stop playing a podcast, so as long as I don’t skip around, its workable. It’s got a very nice speaker system too and dedicated player buttons for easy control while driving. A very cool benefit is that it pauses when a call comes in.�

The negatives are the lack of a built-in 1/8″ headphone jack, proprietary connector, and draining my phone battery.

I’m torn now… Boy I’m fickle ;-)

-Yes, battery drain is an issue
+It’s nice that the phone is always on. No need to wait for player to boot
-No accelerated fast-forward, like Creative Zen V has. FF through a long podcast takes a while.
+Phone call audio comes through car stereo when music pauses for incoming call. Very cool. No more fumbling to answer phone AND to turn off player.

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