Kinoma Player for Palm rocks for streaming podcast listening

I was lured by Kinoma's wmv and Flash support as well as integration with Orb. Unfortunately, it's been hit and miss getting Orb video to stream. No problems with audio. Anyways, I was playing with its Media Guide feature. Basically, its just lists of playable audio and video feeds on the Net. I gave it a try and listened to Buzz Out Loud and Diggnation. What I discovered was that it remembered where I left off on every single podcast! Yup, auto-bookmarking on streaming media!!! Just incredible.

I've been getting tired of the manual-ness of playing podcasts on my Creative Zen V, but I guess I may still need to do that for listening in the car…well unless I tether to my phone, but that could be cumbersome.

Appears to be Palm only, but a must-have for any TX or Treo owner.

Still working out Orb video streaming and that hopefully will be the topic of a future blog entry. 

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